Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Artwork update!

I realized that I don't have any of my artwork posted here... and as geocities is closing I guess I'd better post it somewhere other than Facebook.

So here's a bunch of paintings I've done over the years. As this is a public forum, with a wide range of social values, I will not post my nudes here... though they are beautiful & very proper I don't want to offend anyone.

Red Mermaid
This is a painting of Cori, my best friend. I did a whole series of her as a mermaid. Her favorite was the one where she had a shark's tail.

The best part of this was the "gown" she was wearing. Curtains & safety pins are often the mother of creativity.

Death & The Maiden
White charcoal on black paper
Cori & cousin Chad at a Halloween party. I finally gave it to them.

Jacob Never Sits Still
charcoal on paper
This little boy is beyond cute. When I fist did this portrait he was looking out at me like I was insane. I asked his mom if he had a problem with the photographer. She said he wasn't too crazy about her and thought she was silly (not in a good way). So I asked for a candid shot & got a great portrait. Any expression is always magnified in a painted / drawn portrait.

Orange Blossoms & Low Tea
both charcoal on paper
Both gone or destroyed. Glad I got the photos.

Orange Blossoms is pretty small, and was a study for a painting that never happened. I gave it to Trevor & Jen.

Low Tea was a still life for a class handout on texture. The composition is so-so. The textures were wonderful. I'm sad it got smeared.

Cosmo in Blue
oil on canvas
"Portrait" commission.
Just for future reference, a portrait is of a person, ie human. Not a 'pet portrait,' which is VERY different.
So don't pull that crap on artists. It's not funny, and even though I signed a contract before I knew it was a canine, I'm not a dog painter. So don't even ask. I don't have anything against dogs, but when you say "he's black, is that going to be a problem?" and I assume you think I'm racist, it gets things off on a bad foot... then when you send an image of a dog... well... it's just not good for the soul.

The following are acrylics on various surfaces. All plein air paintings (mostly). I think they fit the 80% rule (don't ask about that either).

Beaver Pond
Acrylic on Paper
Hot, buggy day. It was lovely. I added the beaver, they were all sleeping.

Farmall M
Acrylic on canvas
Lovely, perfect summer day.
Only city folks don't like this one.
That tractor didn't move for years. Now it goes all over the place.
I don't like the frame it's in.

Letchworth, Lower Falls.
Acrylic on Canvas
I hiked down to the lower falls several times a week for this summer. Got to know the lady at the snack shack really well. I think I finished just after 4th of July.
My calves were killer.

I don't know if this one still exists.

Too Cold to Cut Corn
November 2006?
acrylic on panel
It was really cold & damp this day. The field was being cut as I painted. The title should have been "too wet to cut corn" because Joel got stuck in the lower field (you can see the ruts in the mud). He managed to finish that section before I did.

This got a judges choice award at a local show. The really nifty thing is that it changes with the light. Kinda like those portraits with eyes that follow you.

Glenice's Camp
oil on canvas
Don't remember when I did this. It was almost all done at once on site. There were only a few touch-ups from memory in the foreground & brightening the sky a little.

Glenice's real name is Janice, but somehow it got all switched around and stuck.

Bumpy Yellow Squash
watercolor on paper
This still life destroyed my favorite t-shirt. Worth the sacrifice.

Onions & Tomatoes
watercolor on paper
This is much better now. Someday I may re-photograph it. I painted it for a JoAnn's watercolor beginner level class. The class didn't run, but I got invited to teach in Italy because of it. The checkered cloth is a memory, replaced with a beautiful John Vesure vase.
Can't imagine why I didn't get any takers on that class...

Row of fruit
watercolor on paper
I made this for a class exercise. Fun... I should mention I was teaching, not taking the class... and the fruit was from someone's pear tree. Free still life, even better!

Last but not least, the Sculpy sculptures!

Dragon Bride Eating Groom
Sculpy clay, satin, tulle, thread, glue wire, tin foil, 1/2 Bratz Doll, fake flowers, acrylic paint, etc.
This was a commission from Sara Berg & Eric Schuman for their wedding cake topper. It was their idea, not mine. Really.
But I laughed like crazy while I was making it. It still makes me giggle.
It was in a show called Humor in Art at the RIT gallery. They dropped it and didn't tell me. It's cracked all to pieces underneath. I glued it for Sara, but it's not the kind of thing you can handle much.

Purple Dragon
sculpy clay, wire, tin foil, acrylic paint.
This was a birthday present for my husband, who was not my husband then.
His wings are a little cracked from being taken to show & tells at various demonstrations, but other than that, it's all good.
He collects dust on the book case, but when we played D&D he was a great trick to set on the battle mat.

I haven't taken any photographs of my work in the last couple years. When I get to it I'll post. There are a few really great acrylics, and the occaional drawing that have been stunning, but nothing fabulous aside from clothes. I guess fabric designs have taken over that aspect.

Some of these are for sale, if you are curious, e-mail me.
Please don't take the images for your own profit, they are all copyrighted.
If you want one as wall paper, e-mail me and I'll send you a high-resolution version.

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Gail, I enjoy looking at your artwork. You clearly have talent in many mediums.