Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quilted Petticoat: 4th repeat finished

I've finished the 4th repeat on the quilted petticoat. This is truly my 'not feeling well' project.

At this point I'm averaging 9-12 stitches per inch depending on the shape of the inch. Curves get more stitches, straight lines slightly fewer. If I notice they are getting too long, I stop & come back later.

I'm averaging 1 motif block per night of this horrid head cold, (1 flower & 2 leaf cap things OR 1 arch of the garland).

Not sure if I'm going to make another design above the initial flower/garland motif, guess that will depend on how many years this takes me. As it's a sicky thing, hopefully it'll take a while & I'll just decide to make a bunch of straight lines... which will be very boring. Having worked on this border for quite a while I see why those petticoats were so intricate. You could die of boredom working on a 'stamped' design... having something new & interesting to look forward to is always a good thing. Don't get me wrong, this is a great mindless work project. Not thinking right now is perfect.

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Stephanie Ann said...

The quilting looks absolutely stunning. All of your clothing looks beautiful.