Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not just a dummy!

Eventually real people wear the clothes I've made. Here are some pictures. I'll add more as soon as I transfer the images from the other computer. Usually I'd save as a draft, but that option seems to be gone... so bare with me.

Joe & Jessica

1780 English Gown with matching petticoat

1800 - 1815 outfits

Brian as "Free Frank"
1829 gentleman's outfit.

Jori in her 1880 "Pirate" polonaise. This was a gift that she gave back to me after she outgrew it... I'm still looking for a little girl to gift it again.

She still tells me about the pirate festival she wore it to.

Tanya in an off-the-rack 1780 English Gown that fit her like it was made for her.

Sara in an 1860's outfit. The hat took longer than anything else.

Bobbie in an off-the-rack gown that my mother modeled in in a previous post
She is also wearing paniers that were made for this dress... I'm working on a version that sit up higher.

Diane in the green gown with thistle stomacher. I'll post it there too. I have to figure out how to make 18th century rumps so the English gowns get filled out correctly.

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