Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dating an Image

If you get freaked out by disturbing images, skip this post. Go read a pretty dress blog right now.

Well... I gave you fair warning...

OK... not quite what that title sounds like considering the image in question, you DO NOT want this creature anywhere near you.
(Forgive me, please; the allergy meds have given me a most wicked sense of humor).

A few days back, a fellow blogger & FB friend, Matthew Innis, posted this lovely image...
(AAH! My Eyes!)

Which, if you have a very odd sense of humor, or want to permanently scar small children, you can buy...
from here: (Dear Waddington's, please don't yell at me, I'm trying to help sell this delightfully creepy thing at a very affordable price).

Just to be super-helpful, you can "view details" in a lovely little magnifying window on this site. (you may want to turn that feature off to help preserve your sanity).

The oil painting is dated 18th / 19th c... but I know for sure that style of stays wasn't really worn until 1805, but more commonly in the 1810's, by 1820 they were all over the place and were worn well into the 1840's. (I love how the stay string is dipping in the chamber pot).

So... not 18th century - definitely 1st 1/2 of the 19th century.

The lady's bedcap style fits beautifully into the 1810-30 time slot.

That thing (cap) the mutant spider monkey/"gorilla" is wearing... I have no idea. It may well be a 1780's cap drawn up or even a tame 1830's frilly frippery that is being masked by the horrible grinning visage directly beneath it.

The silver spoon could date any time in the 1700's or 1800's, but there is a little deer like figure stamped into the end.

Generic end-of 18th beginning of 19th c. footstool... no help there. It is a bit Neoclassical.

The end table might be of some assistance, but the details could be up to interpretation.

I'm not sure about the bird cage, (please note the mangled, decapitated bird body & the blood spatters next to it - you are most welcome, BTW... Yes, of course you may be excused to run to the bathroom, don't forget the mouthwash).

The bed & chamber pot are too generic, as are the fireplace & grate. Basic 18th c. & early 19th c.

The horse statues could help, but I'm no good at knick knacks... input? One looks a bit oriental & they are probably blackwear ceramics - that knowledge is long gone from my college days as an art history major - I fail this question.

The bottle & glass at the foot of the bed could be helpful, but again, this is not my area.

The most compelling item might be the cooking pot (with a steaming mix of ???). I think it's copper (who can tell from paint?)... It has a riveted handle that looks to be made from a curled sheet of metal. Cook wear is so NOT my thing.

A more definitive date is much desired by the (disturbed) parties in question, so any information is welcome.

Logically speaking, items can exist prior to the painting, but cannot have been first made after it was painted. (discounting the Star Trek theory, of course).

Theories about what it means are also most welcome!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did & that I helped bring a little ray of dusty sunshine into your world.

Here's your brain bleach...

hrmmm... perhaps not the best image considering that we know what happens after she goes to bed.

Let's try these...

Sweetie Pie is still around, still having kittens & still battling her numerous offspring for the prime real estate of the porch.

And this cute little thing is Lavender. She's Sweetie Pie's Granddaughter and has the most interesting dark points.

She is super-friendly & can't decide between being petted or eating.

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