Friday, June 1, 2012

American Duchess "Yay"!

They Are HERE!!!
I just ordered the Pompadour shoes from Lauren & am quite excited to see them. 
So, today is the last day for pre-order on these darlings.  Just so you know.  The good news for all of us is that they are going to be produced as a line because her pre-order requirement got filled.  Yay!

I got the Georgianas when they first came out, and they've held up quite well.  I still haven't decided on a dye color for them, and I've gone & ordered another white pair of shoes (groan)... but the blacks just didn't thrill me quite as much as the prospect of being able to make them look like the to-dye-for (ha) V&A shoes below.

The shoes are very good quality & a very good price.  Honestly, I'm planning on wearing these quite a bit & not just at historic events.

I'm afraid, for a girl who spends most of her life barefoot & has gone years with exactly 2 pairs of every-day shoes, I'm becoming a bit of a shoe-horse when it comes to historic shoes.

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Nycteris said...

That's a good decision to buy those! The Pompadours are so irresistible! I can't wait to see how you dye them.... I love the antique green ones, so gorgeous!