Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cloth Book for Baby

Whew it's been a while! 
I've been up to my eyebrows in motherhood and my life is boob-pee-poo-play-cry-snot-boob-look.I'm.a.bed.don't.move.or.he'll.wake.up-boob-rockabyebaby-puke-ABCDEFG-TIRED-repeat for 3 glorious months.

Happy New Year!

And without further ado, here's a cloth book I made for the kid. He likes it.
He loves the dots and tries to grab them.

He's keen on the red but only cares about the lace bit of the orange.

LOVES the yellow.

Boy likes yellow.  Ducks are yellow.. I have no idea why you keep saying "blue" Mommy.

Black textures.  The silk heart on the net is acceptable, but not the favorite.
I was not particular about my stitching lines or sizes.  Approximate was good enough, Little Dude is going to gnaw on it & probably puke on it.  Cloth books from the store are generally about $15 or so, and I needed construction to stay in the time frame of THE NAP.  All told, it was about 2 hours, so my "budget" was blown, but a lot of that was my own dithering.  The next one will be faster.

Essentially you pick a theme: colors ROY G BIV (WB) in this case, nursery rhyme, animals, an activity (playing with a ball), etc. and go with it.  Keep it simple.  Don't fret.
Kids this age just basically like colors, contrast, things to touch and most importantly, things to chew on.
As long as everything is secured and there's no choking hazards it's all good.

Each panel here is cut 7x7, different fabrics, lined with cotton for more bulk (the kid loves quilting, so that's next), then stitch right sides together with a binding strip, clip the corners, turn and topstitch.  The binding strips were sewn together in nice sloppy lines.  Pin those buggers, that much fabric likes to squish and slide.

You cannot do this wrong.  Just make it washable and it's all good. 
This is the bazillionth blog post about this, so it really is that easy.
Go for it!  The kid will love it.
Nummy book.

BTW, this is John Robert.  John Robert, this is your first blog appearance.  Congrats kid.

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