Sunday, December 16, 2007

first post, intro and learning the set-up

This is the first post, so I'm just going to see how it formats itself and learn about the different features. Oh, and introduce myself, I guess...

Look, I uploaded a picture of myself from a few years ago! Thought about using one from my wedding, but all the good ones are copyrighted. Ah well.

I'm using this blog to detail my various creative pursuits and the thoughts and info behind them, including links, citations and the occasional image. You will find artwork (paintings, drawings, etc.), sewing projects like costumes and historic reproductions or historic inspired pieces. Also musings about conversations I've had with friends and possibly some random tangents not found in my LJ. I may at some point include the handouts I use in teaching art, but probably not unless they are very relevant to the topic.

OK, here goes the first post, wish me luck and that I don't lose this!

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