Saturday, November 26, 2011

Spinning - Fleece #2, Finn Sheep

This isn't a tutorial, just a brief post on the 2nd fleece that I'm having a blast with.

It's a Finn sheep, much finer & shorter wool than the Dorset that I started with. The locks average 3" - 5" long. They have a delightful crimp & flick carding is super-easy. None of this "picking" business that happened with the Dorset (which is nice too). Once the wool is carded it's almost invisible. Kinda cool.

I scoured the whole fleece (it was small) all at once, 3 washes, 3 rinses. It came mostly clean.
It dried in 3 days in the basement, unlike the Dorset which took a solid week even with being set in the sunshine on 90+ days.

I'm pulling each lock individually, flick carding it, then flicking a bunch of locks together to get a good pre-drafted bunch. Pre-drafting into loops, then spinning on a high whorl drop spindle.
The final product is coming out like a mid-weight embroidery floss, or crochet thread.

Only problem I've had with it is that if it breaks, it's nearly impossible to splice because once the fibers are aligned they like to stay that way & don't want to grab on to the un-spun bits, even with brushing it out again. So I'm working with shorter bits, which is fine.

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