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Analyzing and re-creating paintings, 1700

I LOVE the 1700's. I'm still having difficulty finding paintings of men that I really like, but I'm getting there. I've probably missed some garments because I don't really have to think about what goes into an 18th century outfit. Like pockets... because I know they are always there. Sometimes I listed stays, but other times I didn't.

Kitchen Maid

Shift: white linen / cotton
Petticoat: blue & white stripe linen or cotton
Bedgown: white wool with red bow
Apron: blue linen
Modesty cloth: print on white ground
Cap: white linen with pinned up lapettes
Choker: black ribbon with cameo pendant
Socks: red cotton
Shoes: brown leather (buskins???.. french provincial shoe, similar to moccasins)
Chicken in cotton / linen cloth, 2 big bread loaves, sideboard & dishes.
I'm nuts about this painting. I want a print of it. I'm making the outfit for myself.
(2012) And I did make this outfit for myself!  I still have to do the modesty cloth, and if it weren't for the ankle-deep mud, I'd have my spiffy stockings & shoes on.  This outfit took a beating at this event.  I ended up selling my cap with the lapettes, but she looks better in it than I did.

The Chocolate Pot
Jean-Etienne Liot
Shift: white linen
Stays: fully boned
Corded petticoat: white cotton (doesn't show)
Petticoat: blue / purple silk
Bodice: red linen / wool
Apron: white linen
Modesty cloth: white linen
Cap: pink satin, white lace, blue ribbon
Shoes: tan leather with heels
Wooden tea tray with glass of water, cup & saucer, chocolate pot.
Against a white wall, plank floors, no mop-board.
I've got the fabric.. I'm sure I can scrounge up a tea tray. The main trick will be the cap & cuffs on the jacket (those things are a b*!$h).
*historic note: servants were often given cast-off clothes from the family they worked for. In some areas, it was difficult to tell the servant from the masters, both were dressed so similarly.

(2012) OK, I'll be honest; I've made this thing 3x now & not one of them looks right.  I'm about to throw in the towel & just sell off the pieces individually.  The petticoat has become my default photograph petticoat, and the rest of it is folded neatly in a bin.  The jacket has been sold twice & the cap 3x.  I just can't get the colors to jive.

Woman Knitting
Francoise Duparc
shift: white linen / cotton
Petticoat: natural linen
Bedgown: white linen, unlined.
Cap: white linen with blue silk ribbon
Dresser, stool & tan wall. Knitting needles & knitted project, white.

I had everything for this, but then I sold it. Now I have to make another outfit. I'd like to have my mother pose for this, I think an older woman would be just about perfect for this pose & outfit.

Mem. Sorquainville
Jean-Baptiste Perronneau
Shift: white linen
Stays: fully boned
Petticoat: buff silk
Sack back Gown: buff silk with blue ribbons
Engenantes: white lawn linen
Choker: black velvet
Cap: blue edged linen, lace?
Padded chair, velvet pillow with tassels, curtain, gray wall.
Getting all the material for this will be a trick. I may have to use synthetic fabric to be able to afford it, but it would be great if I could get the silk on super-sale so I could do it right.

The next 2 are the same outfit, the Brunswick Gown, just in different colors on different women. I like both paintings, and would like different models for each.

The broken Mirror
Jean-Baptiste Greu
Shift: white linen with fixed cuff, ruffled neckline.
Stays; white linen front-lacing with stomacher, pink ribbon lacing
Petticoat: white satin
Hooded Jacket: white satin with pink ribbon
White silk shoes
Hair ribbon: blue silk
Padded chair, fireplace, desk with drawer, broken mirror, toy dog, assorted cosmetic boxes, general teenage mess.
I have the top, just have to make the petticoat. I also have a model lined up for this one! It'll be fun to make a huge mess! The one I have is wool, not satin, but it'll look just fine.

Lady Mary Fox (I've posted this one before)

Shift, stays, underpetticoat: white linen
Petticoat: gray wool (I think hers is silk)
Hooded Jacket: gray wool with pink & white bows
Cravat: lace
Cap: lace & ribbons
Toy dog (cat) columns & red curtain
Powdered hair.
I've made one like this for myself in green, and may just go ahead and take the picture like that... but I do love the gray with the ruching.

Polite Maccaroni Preferring a nosegay to Miss Blossom
? Art
Miss Blossom:
Shift: white linen with ruffles at cuff & collar
Quilted petticoat: red silk
Polonaise / English gown: brown linen
Stomacher: brown linen with pink bow
Necklace: pink bow
Cap: white linen with dark pink bow
White stockings
Black leather shoes with buckle
Basket of flowers with leather shoulder strap.
*I have everything for Miss Blossom except the cap. I've even got the basket. I just need a 'Miss Blossom' of the right size, who looks good in yellow & blue.
(2012) Made it, sold it. No idea where the pictures are...
Polite Maccaroni:
Shirt: white linen with ruffles at cuff & collar
Breeches: gray linen stripe?
Waistcoat: gray linen stripe with gold trim
Coat: blue linen with gold trim
Cravat: white lace
Hat: tricorn with gold trim
White stockings
Black leather shoes with buckle
Sword & walking stick on a string
Shift: ruffles at cuff & collar
Petticoat: white cotton / silk
Polonaise: pink & green silk
White leather shoes
Powdered wig with white linen cap & black feathers.

The Duchesse de Polignac
Veegie L
Chemise Dress: white cotton / linen with blue ribbon, ruffles at collar & cuff
Sash: gold & blue stripe silk
Shawl: black velvet with black netting
Hat: straw with blue ribbon, flowers & black feather.
Flower in hand, leaning on column, blue background.
Powdered hair. Makeup: lipstick, rouge, powder
I can do this one now if I decorate the hat I've got and replace the ribbon in one of my stock chemise dresses.

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