Saturday, October 31, 2009

Patting the Dirt on Fashion's Grave


OK, OK, jeans have their place, and I'm not 100% against wearing them. Denim is a lovely fabric with hundreds of possibilities. You can cut fire wood in it and not get splinters in your legs. You can shovel animal dung and not worry about getting icky stuff on your good clothes. Your kids can wear them to school and spill whatever they want on them... slide into home base in them (though jeans aren't really the best sports wear in the world), put holes in them, outgrow them and pass them down to lil' bro or sis.... well, you get the idea.
Jeans are one of my favorite things to wear when I'm going hiking through the woods or helping a friend move, or doing just about any kind of heavy or semi-heavy labor.

The styles & cuts have minor variations, but in reality jeans are jeans.

With the notable exceptions of bell-bottoms.. sorry no bad picture unless I scan one of my aunts, 80's stonewash jeans or those horrid "whale tail" low rise things... and who could forget the dreaded "I see London, I see France, I see Jimmy's underpants"?

Denim is truly one of the most practical fabrics we have today.


This is not the type of fabric that says "take me seriously, I mean what I say."
It says "I'm having a great time!" "Get out of my way, this I-beam is heavy." "It's Friday at my mid-level relaxed office job and I'm looking forward to a beer after 5:00." "I'm wearing these pants to church because you are making me go, I really don't want to be here."

I'm not sorry to say that unless you are actually applying for a job at Apple or on a road crew, you really shouldn't be wearing jeans to any job interview, meeting or formal function. No matter how creative you want prospective bosses to think you are.

Flame me if you want, but denim belongs on kids and hard-working folks, not in the board room or political forums.

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