Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Artwork

Here are some more of my paintings.

The first two are integlio prints that are part of a poisonous plant Art Book project I did while I was at RIT.

That wonderful university has a very Modern sensibility in the art they want students to produce.

The green one is oleander, and the mushrooms are either Death's Head or Angle's Cap, I don't remember which.

This is a painting done from memory. I always exaggerate the colors in my mind, and thought it would be fun to play this one up quite a bit. It's sunrise over some corn fields.

One of the few good things about going on vacation to FL was getting to stay in my husband's uncle's $2 million condo on the Indian River. We got to see dolphins hunting fish, manatee bubbles and lots & lots of birds on Pelican Island. I did not enjoy FL all that much for various reasons... but mostly because I'm terrified of the ocean and Dear Husband's family are beach lovers. I read a lot and got to paint this wonderfully subtle sunrise.

This is a close-up of morning glories at some place I went to to paint. I'm pretty sure it was a marina on Lake Onterio... Pultneyville sticks in my head. Not a huge fan of this painting, but I do love the neutral colors.

Mendon Ponds in the middle of freezing winter. The ponds hadn't completely frozen over, but it was close.

High Tour in Naples NY. This was the hottest day ever. I kept soaking my shirt in water just to be able to stay out there.

Another Nunda view. This was early September. I love these hills.

Vermont hills & rocks. I had a great vacation here. This day was so wet that the acrylic paint took over an hour to dry enough to touch.


Gail Kellogg Hope said...

not the best photo job I've ever done, but for a quick click it'll do.

Shanon said...

Very nice paintings, Gail. I really like them.